Jun. 10th, 2016

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Okay, I need to make a vent entry, so ignore this if you want.

FUCK WINDOWS 10! Every time I try to use it, it breaks. Every time it updates, it breaks. Every time I try to turn off updates, it ignores my settings, downloads updates, and BREAKS!

Seriously, Microsoft, who do I have to get FIRED for the forced updates to STOP!? I’ll petition the fucking FTC to have the BOARD OF DIRECTORS fired and put in Guantanimo if I have to, but for fucks sake, get your head out of your collective asses and STOP FORCING UPDATES that have EVEN A CHANCE OF BREAKING THE OS!

My time using the Surface Pro 3 has been pure HELL thanks to Windows 10. I’ve had to refresh this fucking thing after EVERY UPDATE! My productivity on WIndows 10 is lower than it was on MS-DOS! In fact, I had fewer issues with WINDOWS ME than with this hunk of garbage! I had fewer problems running GENTOO on INCOMPATIBLE HARDWARE!

Just… I give up. I may end up selling my Surface Pro just to get an iPad of some sort. Better yet, I should get an Intuos for my desktop and draw with that.

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