Jul. 6th, 2016

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This past 4th of July, our dear housing overlords posted notices that people caught shooting fireworks in the neighborhood would be subject to possible eviction. Now, this isn't unreasonable. The place is so packed with houses that one bad firework could burn down the neighborhood.

However, I've seen absolutely no fallout from the fireworks being shot off near the clubhouse, much less the other areas.

To explain: The clubhouse is where the main office for our housing complex. The clubhouse itself was open during this time, meaning that someone from the staff had to be there. That means they had to know what was going on outside.

Something tells me that their threats were nothing but a bluff. They don't want to lose paying customers, so they won't say or do anything.

This makes me even happier that we're leaving this place behind. As Austin has progressed, it has become quite a bit worse to balance the good parts.

Oh, and they were firing off the stuff into the night as well, when people were trying to sleep. There's celebrating, and then there's being just plain rude.

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