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Chromification Continues: Firefox May Use Chrome's PDF and Flash Plugins/p>

*headdesk* REALLY?! Mozilla is looking to replace parts of Firefox with Chrome parts? Hell, they're going to replace the superior community-run PDF.js with the far inferior PDFium?!

I use Mozilla products to get AWAY from Google, not run back to them. Might as well go WebKit.

*looks up open source browsers*

Out of date, out of date, out of date… Has everyone really given up trying to compete with Google, or what? Only Safari and Edge seem to be trying to fight Google anymore, and Safari's the only one making any headway.

I remember when there used to be actual competition on the web. IE and Netscape fought hard using their features to their advantage. These days? It feels like web developers are pushing solely for the monolith known as Google. It's becoming everything that we feared from Microsoft in the 90s, but with the full backing of “tech geeks” everywhere.

Even the damned standards process is being taken over by Google. WHATWG was a result of Google trying to force the W3C standardization process to speed up, the CSSWG was recently bullied by Google to start using their WCIG incubator for that standards process, the HTML5 spec was put under an editor from WHATWG who works for Google…

I know people are going to say that Google is a protector of the internet and open web, but I don't believe that for a single second. The work to further Google's hold on the market, period.

Honestly, this is making me want to go with Apple products even more. At least the core WebKit engine is fairly modern, and is kept modern. I just wish they'd release Win32/Win64 versions of Safari that will work with Windows 7/8.1. I'd support that in a heartbeat.

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