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So… After thinking about the problem, I've got a few possibilities as far as getting my ideas out, but the big one for me is the simple one: my three journals.

  • @starseerdrgn (This blog): My general-purpose journal for things like tech and personal life stuff.
  • @latexbutterfly: My mostly in-character NSFW journal involving my story universe, with a lot of life-themed aspects as seen from outside of human culture.
  • @seleros_ibari: My general adult journal involving my story universe, usually filled with ideas, and that's about it.

I could easily use these three journals to replace my Twitter accounts.

The problem is "discussion". I'm allowing comments now, but where does the discoverability come from? I could use my Twitter accounts to push out updates, but at the same time, hardly anyone clicks through on such links anyway. As such, I'm just saying “fuck it” to that problem and not worry about discussion. If it happens, it happens. I can't force people to talk with me.

Of course, I don't need Twitter for news, as I use RSS feeds, so that's not an issue. Likewise with direct messages, since I have email and XMPP for talking with people. (Yes, email is still a thing people use.)

This is an acceptable solution at this point. It'll keep me from diving into the toxic pool of society that Twitter has become as often, so I can keep myself at least a little more positive.

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