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So, something that popped up earlier today during a discussion is whether or not I “hate” Microsoft, with how much I rag on Windows 10. In short: No. Absolutely not.

For the long answer: I really like Microsoft in general. I used to hate them when I was in my FOSS phase, but then I started giving them a serious look, and realized they typically have it right in much of their software.

I use Windows 7, Office, Skype, OneDrive, OneNote, Expression Web, Expression Design, IIS, Microsoft Mathematics, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio Express 2010, and quite a bit more. I actually prefer PowerShell over bash or zsh, and I find managing a Windows 2008 R2 server to be much easier than a Linux server. I prefer Windows Phone 8.1 over Android and iOS. Just in general, I like using Windows a lot more than I do Linux or OS X.

Even more, some of my favorite design aesthetics came from Windows: the Windows Vista Flair look-and-feel, Aero and Glass, the Windows Live design language, Windows Vista's Dreamscape live wallpapers… Actually, of all of them, Vista has had the most beautiful UI, in my opinion. A bit resource-heavy, but still a nice OS.

That said, I do think Microsoft has made some missteps: Windows 10's forced updates, dropping the Windows Live Essentials line, dropping Windows Media Center, Metro/Modern apps in Windows 8/8.1 being fullscreen only, the ass-ugly Ribbon interface on some of the native Windows apps… Hell, I think their biggest misstep has been the focus on UI for small touchscreens on the desktop UI. Windows 7 had a good mix, but didn't quite get the smaller screens right, which 8/8.1 did do properly.

Now, the reason I rag on Windows 10 is because I've yet to have a good experience from it. Just like how a lot of people hated Windows Vista when it first came out because of how buggy it was, I've had the same problem with WinX. Unlike Windows Vista SP1, the Service Packs (Redstone 1 & Anniversary Update) haven't really improved it for me, and in some cases made it worse. The forced updates constantly caused issues where I had to refresh/reinstall the OS after minor patches on the Slow Ring.

It has been an unstable mess for me. That's not good for a productivity machine, especially when it takes 3–4 hours to per attempted reinstall of the OS. I say attempted because, on my old Surface Pro 3, I sometimes had to reinstall it 2–3 times in a row just to get a working machine again. I never had the problem with Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. It was infuriating, which is why I'm sticking to Windows 7, which I know works.

So do I hate Microsoft? No. Not at all. I wouldn't be using Windows 7 and a slew of Microsoft products if I did.

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