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Windows 10 on a Laptop Isn’t Too Bad



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So, I recently had a bit of a problem. My old Samsung Series 5 laptop—which I nicknamed “Failtop” after Samsung decided to void its warrantee when I sent it in—decided to finally had the HDD go belly-up. As a result, I now have a new laptop: one Acer Inspire E 15 series in Obsidian Black. I absolutely love how it looks, even if it feels plastic-y.

Thing is, it runs Windows 10. Anyone who knows me knows that my experience with Win10 has been nothing short of catastrophic, exceeding even my time with Windows ME in terms of OS-side fuck-ups. I’ve made jokes that it’s as stable as a psychopath who lost it years ago and just bought an axe, and that it comes off as just plain shite because of the forced updates. Most of my problem was with my Surface Pro 3, which would require a full OS refresh any time there was a firmware update, just to make it usable for a few weeks at a time.

Well, on this laptop, with Anniversary Update, I can honestly say I’ve had zero problems with Windows 10—aside from forced updates, as that’ll always be a problem to some degree.

Seriously… I’m running this thing with Cortana turned on, and I couldn’t be happier—given my history with the OS. I mean, I’m still sort Windows 10 phones are few and far between, as outside of FirefoxOS, I’ve also always encouraged Windows Phone, mostly as a Lumia 1020 user. Regardless of that, Win10 hasn’t been all that bad.

I like what they’ve done with the Store app, especially with how it examines your system specs and tells you if you can run applications or games that give their spec requirements. It kept me from installing Killer Instinct, as I don’t have the RAM or VRAM for it, and that would have been a waste of time and bandwidth.

Still not a fan of flat design, and even less a fan of the forced flat look of Windows Universal Platform apps, but I’ll live at this point.

We’ll see if this continues. Creator’s Update is coming next year (effectively Service Pack 1.5), so I’ll have to find out if this continues to be a good OS.

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