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 Something I’ve noticed lately is the idea that being a “Social Justice Warrior” is becoming lauded by people. This idea of “punching Nazis” and attacking anyone who does something that offends people…

I don’t agree with white supremacist assholes. I don’t agree with assholes in general. But it also isn’t right to terrorize people in the name of peaceful protests, where those affected don’t want “help” dealing with their issues with such force.

As someone who is non-binary, trans*, and dragonkin…Well, I fear Trans* allies and LGBTQA allies more than I fear the transphobic people. They stir up trouble, get transphobic people riled up, and trans* people like myself are the ones who get hurt the most. And speaking against the “allies” tends to only get the speaker hurt, because they plow through anyone they view as “standing in the way of justice”.

Social activism is needed in this world. But not to the level so many people tend to take it. Not to the level of violence, destruction, and terror-inducing actions that come out of many such groups.

These people say they’re against “hate”, but in the end, I honestly think many of them have more hate than their targets. I fear the “allies”, not the enemies.

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