Mar. 8th, 2016 03:24 pm
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Warning: This will likely piss some people off. I don't give a fuck. It's time I stop being afraid of speaking up.

To the people who keep saying that those with depression should "just seek professional help"... Please, just shut up, stop, and think first.

I get so tired of people telling others that going to a psychologist or psychiatrist will help them, and almost bullying them into going to see those people. Depression isn't as cut-and-dry and many people think. It comes in as many forms as there are people who have it, and no one in the psychology industry can handle all of those variants.

For some people, talking about their problems won't help. In fact, it can even make their depression worse. I fall into this category myself, and it's frustrating when people try to goad me into talking about my problems instead of letting me work them out on my own. It makes me feel guilty, because I'm placing my issues on someone else's mind.

Some other people will often say to "treat yourself somehow" to help boost your mood, but again, that doesn't always help, and can sometimes make it worse. Again, myself included on this one, but if I treat myself, I'll feel fine for just a bit, then feel nothing but guilt after the high wears off, especially when I realize I put myself before others. It's something that I can't control, but it happens.

The point is that, when someone is suffering from depression, don't try act like it's a cookie-cutter issue, and don't try to be pushy. That's ignorant, and can cause a lot of harm in the end. Be there for them, and let them figure out what they need. We need more people to support us as we need them, not pushing us around.

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