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After everything that's happened on FurAffinity, the recent events regarding a developer being screwed over by the site, and more users being banned over speaking out against the site's administration, have struck a nerve with me.

I don't want to use a site where I don't feel comfortable, and FA's actions—especially since the IMVU takeover—have been beyond shady and uncomfortable. I just can't use the site with any level of good conscious anymore. Not without worrying that something I say will get me instantly banned.

There are other sites, but each one has its own issues.

SoFurry: SoFurry's a nice website at its core, but it has plenty of problems. The biggest problem is its userbase, which tends to be excessively elitist, and has run many people off of the site in general. The public "bans" forum and other decisions have also left me rather unsettled by the site, and so I only use it for following as few specific people.

InkBunny: InkBunny is also a nice site, and the users are exceptionally awesome. While one of the admins has a rather nasty history, there's very little that I know of regarding shady practices. Only the allowance of cub art has caused issues for people. For me, it's the fact that their stories use BBCode for markup, rather than Markdown. Otherwise, I like InkBunny. You can find me there as starseer.

Weasyl: Weasyl is another one I rather like. I know the administration has done some shady things, but I've heard very little from them as of late, so I have hope on that front. I really like that they support both PDF and Markdown uploads for stories, and high-resolution images for art uploads. Still iffy about user-submitted tags, though. This is another site you can find me on.

FurryNetwork: FurryNetwork is still new, and has a completely different paradigm from the others. It's more akin to Facebook or Twitter, at least for now...It seems that the ideas of basing everything off of user input has taken hold, and the problem with users is that most would rather things stay the same, rather than even giving a chance that something better might come along. I'm already seeing feature-creep as a real possibility in the future, but I'll still use it for now.

So yeah, that's what it looks like right now. Of course, I'll always have my own site, PDN, in some form or fashion, and I'll always prefer using it over other sites.

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