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This is a portion of the list of games I've decided that I'll never play, for one reason or another.

  • Mainline Pokémon games (I have no interest in competitive games, and that's all Pokémon has become these days).
  • Pokken Tournament (I have no interest in fighting games due to the community)
  • Super Smash Bros DS/WiiU (No interest in the game, as it's almost all hardcore competitive players)
  • Undertale (I've seen the playthroughs, but I'm a completionist, and don't play games if I feel I can't complete them. Plus, the community...)
  • Starcraft & Starcraft II (Blame the community)
  • The Warcraft series (Again, blame the community)
  • Fez (The creator. Enough said.)
  • The Street Fighter series (Too competitive)
  • Marvel Vs Capcom (Too competitive)
  • Mass Effect Andromeda (Don't care anymore)
  • Dragon Age (Because choice means nothing in a game about choices. You're an asshole no matter what)
  • Defense of the Ancients (The community...Just the community)
  • League of Legends (I still like the lore, but the community is still as toxic as DOTA)

Other games include a majority of fighting games, first-person shooters, MOBAs...Competitive games in general tend to go on my "Never Play" list simply because I find the communities become far to toxic and "pro" for me to enjoy them.

This isn't the full list, as I don't think my hand would survive writing that out. However, you can get the gist of my preferences here.

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