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Just a few minutes ago, I was using Discord when I accidentally clicked on one of the voice channels. It didn't ask me if I wanted to join it, but just tried to authenticate and have me join it regardless. The app crashed in the middle of this process, and wouldn't come back up no matter what I tried.

So, I uninstalled it, removed the remaining folders that the uninstaller left behind (ugh...), and reinstalled it. Turns out the initial crash had left my sound system unstable as well, so rather than risking a BSoD, I rebooted. However, I also decided that I'd only use the browser version, because the Chromium-based desktop version is honestly worse shite than Skype's ever been.

This goes to show that people can have very different experiences with even the most simple software-hardware combinations. While many people have had problems (and scares) from Skype, I've had problems with Discord, and no doubt many have had issues with the likes of IRC, XMPP, AIM, etc... The idea of "it works for me, so it should just work for you" just doesn't work in tech, and it's rather insulting toward people who have legitimate issues.

Also, as an aside: If you're worried about your Skype getting hacked, remember that it's due to the use of OAuth that such hacks exist. Twitter and Google have been bitten by them as well. Guess what Discord has~ So don't expect much more than the exact same issues from them until they remove that pile of garbage from their code.

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