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 Okay... I need to vent.

When my mate Sildrae and I started to go to Wal-Mart tonight, I was going to suggest we take the van my parents have been loaning me, just to give it something to do since we haven't had to use it lately. When we go outside, a bloody tow sticker was plastered on the driver side window, just in the right place to obscure the driver's view of traffic on the left.

I walk up to it, and it's marked to be towed in 48 hours for "no tags", and "vehicle inoperable". These are both lies.

For starters, the van does have a tag. Arkansas tags, which don't require a front bumper plate at all. Obviously, whomever put the sticker on the van didn't even bother to look at the back, much less which state the vehicle was registered in. The tag is up to date, as are the registration and insurance. My van doesn't need a Texas environmental tag either, as it's not registered in the state of Texas.

Then, further down, the mark my vehicle as "inoperable". Now, my van does have the battery disconnected at the moment, in order to keep it from running down due to a busted latch on the sliding side door. The door is held closed, but not enough to disable internal sensors, so it can run down a 12v battery pretty damn easy. However, it does run, has gas in it, and has been used recently. It is in no way "inoperable".

Sildrae and I plan to go up front tomorrow and complain to the front office, because they know that we're moving soon, and that having my vehicle towed would only slow down that process when they can get a paying customer faster by leaving us be.

I'm pissed...I'm WELL beyond pissed. Let's hope things are sorted out tomorrow, or I may have to call the cops on some people.

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