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As I lie here in bed, trying to sleep, it dawns on me that I have never once successfully collaborated with someone on a project. Every attempt has spiraled to the point of completely excluding my input, or has managed to completely destroy my desire to work on said project.

Admittedly, much of it is due to people wanting more and more say in said projects. Some were also due to partners completely disregarding my input to satisfy their own ideal situations, using assumptions based on real world ideals and information, rather than those of the world we were building in.

To be honest, attempts to collaborate have soured me of the idea completely. I never wish to actively collaborate on something again, aside from small pieces. Having ideas thrown at me is fine, but outright collaboration on a project is out of the question.

Perhaps this is also why I refuse to commission artwork...In my mind, it is the same as a collaborative project. I would rather do the work myself, than to risk someone attempting to change the course of work completely for their own desires.

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