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Earlier today, I was in the middle of an IRC conversation with a fur. They had apparently been reading through my old stories, and wanted more info about the automorphs in one of those stories. In particular, he wanted information about the more adult aspects, and I had no problem giving him the details.

Suddenly, his boyfriend hijacks the conversation by sending me some rather threatening private messages, saying he doesn’t approve of anyone RPing with his mate without his knowledge. I flat-out told him I wasn’t in an RP mood, and was giving information about something from my universe that he asked me about. He then proceeded to apologize, saying that he worries about his boyfriend being unfaithful. I told him that he needs to talk with his boyfriend, and that his actions could very well tear his relationship apart if he’s found out.

(Note to Calyo: This isn’t someone you know. Pony fur.)

All of this actually reminded of something which happened long ago, before I myself started dating. Passive memory recall is funny that way.

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