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So, I've got to admit, Mozilla's recent stand against B2GOS has started making me wonder if MOFO (Mozilla Foundation) is still any sort of software organization.

Between the constant stream of dropped project, poorly marketed projects and services, and constant forceful nature of their Web Advocacy team, it feels like Mozilla is turning into a web-centric version of the Free Software Foundation, and that's not a good thing. A lot of people despise the FSF for their forceful tactics and zealot mentality, and for good reason. It was several FSF zealots that made me run away screaming from (GNU/)Linux after 12+ years of using the OS, simply because I couldn't take being considered "one of those people" any longer. At least as a Windows or OS X user, not nearly as many people see me as "another free software zealot".

It's also shaking my faith that Mozilla can do anything properly outside of Firefox. They've dropped Mozilla Suite (now SeaMonkey, community maintained), Thunderbird (now community maintained), Sunbird (replaced by Lightning), and now FirefoxOS. The only project they've kept going with is Firefox. Just like Google, I'm having trouble trusting whether their next product will last more than six months, or until their attention span shifts to some other advocacy thing.

Honestly, I'll probably stick with SeaMonkey or PaleMoon & FossaMail at this point. There are plenty of tried-and-true XULRunner apps that can be found, most of them simply needing to be maintained a bit better—or at all. KompoZer (HTML Editor), Nightingale (Media Player), InstantBird (IM Client), Chatzilla (IRC Client)… Hell, there are probably quite a few I don't know about yet. Regardless, there are alternatives. I may go with them at this point.

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