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Something that once again came up was "pronouns where they don't belong." Someone suggested—then pushed—the idea that my conlang, Arcegaō, should have gendered and non-gendered pronouns to "support non-binary genders". I had to keep myself from raging, because they continued to push it after I explained what I am about to say, and I plan to link back to this post when someone brings it up again.

Arcegaō is designed to be a non-gendered language, meaning that nothing has a gender. Gender itself is not even a concept in the language and culture, and thus, gender roles are non-existant.

In fact, the only four words that even come close to identifying something like that are the genital words: tari (penis), chaifa (vagina), tarichaifa (penis and vagina), and chugainai (no genitals). When used to identify someone, they identify only the individual's genitals, and nothing else.

A language obtains much of its meaning from the culture which it originates from. English is slowly becoming the language of "Make sure everyone is pleased, or else." I can't support such a mentality, even with who and what I am.

Perhaps I should start using Arcegaō more...Hmm...

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