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First of all, I plan on going through my Dreamwidth journal within the next few days and properly tagging most—if not all—of my past journal entries. I've needed to do this for a while, but never had time.

Second, on the subject of social networks. I still use Twitter as [personal profile] starseerdrgn (as well as a hidden private account), but just barely. I don't use Facebook anymore, rarely use Quora or Diaspora (which I still like), only glance through GitHub.

I keep to myself most days, as I'm often too tired to do much aside from writing and design/programming.

Instead, I plan on writing more entries in my DW journal (which I'm now mirroring on GitHub for the sake of redundancy. I can write entires over the course of a day, rather than plopping down random thoughts as they come. Fewer distractions can be a good thing, and the social web already scares me.

I also have my [Arcegaō microblog], which is what I'm using to help me work on my conlang, Arcegaō.

Finally, I'm working on a refresh of my personal website, PrismDragon.Net (PDN). Yes, I'm well aware that there's no HTTPS, that's due to the hosting provider and hosting package, which may be getting changed before too long. One of my mates, Calyo Delphi, controls the hosting (I control the domain), so I'll be waiting for him to make such a decision.

I'll likely stick to simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, since everything I need is in those three languages. I'll need a database for my Arcegaō Dictionary , and for my eventual personal microblogs (English, and Arcegaō), so those may have to wait, since I won't know whether to use MySQL, MongoDB, or something else.

I'll likely go ahead and make my dictionary out of something, but I don't know what yet.

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